Brian 300g Starphire A.G.E. Reef

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Brian goes by MakoJ on ReefCentral, and is president of MAAST

4 X 400W 10k Reeflux's and the tank has been running since 1/04/2007

Brian is the president of MAAST, and has a beautiful tank. It is lit with four 400w 10,000K Reeflux bulbs in Luminarc III reflectors. The tank has an external overflow. It is built inwall with a fishroom behind it, and all kinds of cool equipment hooked up. My favorite is the laptop mounted on a wall within the fishroom. This tank has been running since Jan 2007, an upgrade from a 150g and a 75g combined.

For some reason, I never took a full tank shot. I guess I was too busy enjoying the corals and pizza. 


From the end of the tank. 

I loved seeing his Copperband Butterfly. 

Some acanthastrea 

Acropora sp. 

Rock anemone 

Female Blue Star Leopard Wrasse 

Male Blue Star Leopard Wrasse 

Vlamini tang, with streamers showing. This was the largest fish in the tank. 

Elegant Foxface 

Regal Angel 

A very pretty all green Frogspawn 

Various frags growing out 


Acropora sp. 




Zoanthus sp. 

Acropora sp. - tricolor 

A. tortuosa - this was the showpiece of the tank, and there were two large pieces dead center, with blue color bursting out. 

A. tenuis 

Superman montipora 

These looked like Purple People Eaters to me 

Montipora sp. - blue polyps 

M. foliosa 

A. millepora 

A. lokani - gorgeous piece 

Micromussa, perhaps? 

The huge birdsnest colony 

Lighting, accessed from the front of the tank 

Lighting from the rear. In a larger version of this picture, you can see the reflection of the reef in the rear panel 

That's it for this tank.

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