Andrew's 125 gallon A.G.E. Starphire Tank

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He has a 125g AGE Starfire system with external overflow, Tunze Wavebox, and 12000K Reeflux lighting. He is the current president of the Austin Reef Club.

Full tank 

Yellow acropora sp. 

'Bandit' commensal crab, or acro crab 

Acropora sp. 


Montipora confusa 

Rose BTA displaying bubbles beautifully 

A. millepora, pink 

A. millepora, blue 

Clam, T. derasa? (never looked at the shell) 

A. tortuosa 

Blue Tort macro 

Encrusting montipora with blue polyps 

Zoanthids on gravel. [i]The wavebox & flow caused the sand to move, so he added gravel to keep it in place.[/i] 

Brain coral 

A. secale 

Blonde Naso Tang, Yellow Tang, Pyramid Angel 

Fromia starfish 

Encrusting Purple montipora 



Superman montipora 

A. yongei (slimer) 

Birdsnest, blue polyps 

Superman A. millepora (blue base, with red & white polyps) 

Rose BTA 

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