Aaron's 90g SPS Reef

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Aaron goes by bmwaaron on ReefCentral

This is the final installment of the tank tour: Aaron (bmwaaron) has a beautiful reef, uses the Tunze Wavebox & 12,000K Reeflux bulbs. A closet behind the tank is his fishroom. Under the tank, a sump and skimmer provide filtration.

For some reason, my camera really didn't work well with his lighting. I tried to adjust the white balance, but something kept throwing it off. Thus, you'll see various color combinations of the same corals. Some pictures were taken from above with a top down photo box, and the VHOs were unplugged, again changing the colors of the corals.

Full tank shots 

End of tank shots 

Zoanthus sp. 

Superman Montipora, various 

Xenia, pompom 

Spaghetti worm on glass. This was a tiny 1/2" long worm. 




Lawnmower Blenny 


Cleaner Shrimp 


Efflo & other Acropora sp. 

Acropora sp. from above 

Frag on FragMags (a magnet to hold corals as they grow.) 

This next coral is nicknamed Incredible Hulk. So getting this coral photographed to depict true colors would be key, right? Well, I tried. Still a pretty coral. 

A. sarmentosa 

Tiny acro crab hiding in the same colony 

Brain coral encrusting nicely 

Various SPS frags 

A beautiful acropora colony, but I don't know if the colors are even remotely close. Sorry 

Acropora sp. 

Green slimer (A. yongei) 


Blue tort (A. tortuosa) 

Blue tort (ORA probably since it has a green core) 

M. capricornis 

M. digitata 


Acropora sp. - called a Superman acro 

A. millepora 

Same coral as above, after Aaron poked it with a stick. LOL 

That's it. I didn't take a picture of the closet behind the tank, as it is under the staircase and thus rather tough to photograph. It is small enough to Pink Panther your way in. :)

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