Oct 2017

Acrylic work: Routing Top Flange

By: melev | Tags: Tools, Acrylics

There are a few ways to accomplish the top flange (the rim or one-piece euro-brace) of a sump. Originally, I would build the sump, squeeze in pieces of wood inside the upper edge of the sump, and use a router with a ball bearing guide to trace the lumber.


Oct 2017

150gpd RODI Installation Instructions

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Congratulations! Your reef will thank you for providing excellent water quality from now on. This 100gpd 5-stage RO/DI is very easy to install, but if you have any further questions, you can email me any time.


Aug 2017

Bringing home corals on a plane

By: melev | Tags: travel, packing corals

Bringing home livestock on a flight can be challenging, but it sure is nice to get your newest acquisitions into your quarantine system as soon as you get home rather than having someone ship them to you a day later and worry about the transit times.