Nov 2017

Whelk versus Nassarius

By: melev | Tags: whelk, nassarius

What is the difference between a whelk and a Nassarius snail?  In the picture below, the creature on the left is a Nassarius snail, the one on the right is a whelk. Whelks get much larger, while Nassarius don't. At least Nassarius vibex, that is.  And all the images at the top of this article are Whelks, an unwanted snail in a reef system. Read on...


Nov 2017

The Side Sump

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A sump was requested for a corner tank. Because there was no room to work in that stand, this sump & refugium was designed to be installed in an adjacent cabinet, providing easy access and more volume to the system. By the way, this is probably my favorite sump because of its uniqueness.