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Pivot Door Fish Trap

Fish trap, door open
Fish trap, door openFish trap, door closed

This fish trap uses a door that can pivot right or left to catch a fish.  The trap itself needs to be secured to wall of your tank with a couple of large cleaning magnets because it weighs about 5.5 lbs.  The handle is to manually close it while you are by your tank baiting the fish to enter, but you can also affix some fishing line and rig it to be able to tug the door shut from a distance.  (Trap is slightly different than pictured, newer images pending)

Box area is 12 long x 8" wide x 12" tall, plus the handle that adds another 3" to the height.

You can see a brief video posted to my facebook business page here:


New Design! Vortech Driver Holder

NEW & Improved Vortech Driver Holder
NEW & Improved Vortech Driver HolderNEW & Improved Vortech Driver HolderVortech Driver Holder- Old StyleVortech Driver Holder- Old StyleVortech Driver Holder- Old Style Vortech Driver Holder- Old StyleDual Vortech Driver HolderVortech Driver HoldersVortech Driver Holders

If you are tired of Vortech drivers coming off the wall, here's a way to secure it more permanently.  Screw the acrylic bracket to the wall or cabinetry, then set the driver in place so it rests on the footer. A small piece of velcro on the back of the driver will keep it in place, despite gravity. As of June 2015 the Vortech Driver holders have a new and improved design! The curved lip follows the sleek lines of the driver perfectly, allowing for cleaner lines and a better over all appearance. 

*NOTE: The new design requires you to disassemble the driver unit's 4 screws and slide the power cord through the hole in the bottom of the bracket. This is a very simple step that shouldn't cause you any issues whatsoever. If you're updating to the new Quiet Drives, they come dissassembled anyway, so just be sure to slip the power cord through before you screw it together. 


Smartphone Floater

Smart Phone Floater
Smart Phone FloaterSmart Phone FloaterSmart Phone FloaterSmart Phone FloaterSmart Phone FloaterSmart Phone Floater

To be able to take nice underwater pictures from above, a small acrylic Floater box will do so beautifully. Check the size of your smart phone and see if it fits the internal dimensions listed below.  I'll be adding a list of known phones when I have their dimensions but it should fit a variety of smartphones including: Samsung, Android, LG, Sony, HTC, Nokia, Blackberry, Motorola, etc.


Eheim & APEX Auto-Feeder Chimney

Eheim Auto Feeder Chimney
Eheim Auto Feeder ChimneyEheim Auto Feeder ChimneyOriginally made with black acrylic - prototypeOriginally made with black acrylic - prototype

The Eheim Autofeeder is great at adding a specific amount of fishfood to your tank once or more per day, but the food often lands on the surface and heads straight to the overflow to go down the drain.  Instead of wasting food, I made the Eheim Chimney.  The acrylic chimney is reef-safe and penetrates the surface water about 1/2" to make sure the food stays in one spot until it has time to soak, which then allows it to drizzle down into your tank for the fish to consume.  Zero waste - every dose of food feeds your fish.


The Peacemaker


The Peacemaker is a way to introduce new fish into your tank for a few days prior to release into the reef.  Fish can see each other, they benefit from healthy water, and can eat without competition.  The box has 1/4" holes drilled on all four sides to maintain oxygenation.  Plumbing connections are great hiding spaces for new fish to duck into for shelter if spooked.

Box area is 12" x 6" x 8" with a lid. 


Neon Green Pointer Stick


Random item added to the shop:  A neon-green pointer stick.  Comes in 18" lengths, using 1/4" thick material. 

This is a sturdy acrylic rod, unlike others found on the web.  Use it to point to a specific coral in your tank, or allow your customers to specify which frag they are intersted in in your frag tank.  Can be used as dividers between sections of a tank with varied pricing.

Minimum order: 2 if ordering nothing else.


Dosing Additives Reservoir

Small doser holds 1-gallon per zone.
This is the larger version that holds 1.5-gallon in each zoneSingle lid allows full access.  Holes are drilled for dosing tubing.This is the larger version that holds 1.5-gallon in each zoneHuge doser hold 3-gallons per zone.

A clean custom container to hold Alkalinity, Calcium and Magnesium for dosing systems. 

16" long x 5" wide x 12" tall holds 1 gallon of solution per zone. $100
16" long x 5" wide x 17" tall holds 1.5g of solution per zone. $135

Single lid fits on top, easily removed for full access.

Email me for custom sizes.


* The hinged version pictured: Holds 3g of Alkalinity, 3g of Calcium and 1g of Magnesium with a hinged lid.  This one costs $210.


Select volume you desire

Sump Baffles for DIY

Baffle kit for 20g Long
Baffle kit for 20g LongBaffle kit for 20g LongRounded edges (removable blue film still applied in this picture)Rounded edges (removable blue film still applied in this picture)Rounded tops of teeth (removable blue film still applied in this picture)Baffle kit for 29g

Baffles ready to silicone in a glass aquarium for a DIY sump, cut to size and flame polished with new rounded upper edge.

1/4" acrylic material.  Three 9" tall baffles for skimmer section, one 13" baffle with teeth for the refugium.

Order the correct baffle size for your aquarium, priced accordingly:

Aqueon 20g Long: ~11 5/8" wide* (baffles are 7" tall due to shortness of aquarium) $35
Aqueon 29g & 55g:  ~11.5" wide*  $55
Aqueon 40g Breeder: ~17 5/8" wide* $65
Special orders - email me for custom sizes

*Please verify by measuring the internal width of your aquarium to assure the baffles will fit. See below.

Purchase AQUARIUM SAFE silicone from your local fish store, or Home Depot carries this brand: Click for image


Select aquarium type to order correct baffle width.

PAR Meter Sensor Holder


Using this acrylic holder, position a PAR meter's sensor at specific heights in your aquarium to measure readings.

Marked in 6" increments, drilled for sensor's screw mount.


ATO Reservoir

ATO Reservoir
ATO ReservoirATO ReservoirATO ReservoirFor 3/8" thick containers, a solid lid is included.

An acrylic reservoir to hold Top-Off water near the sump. Limiting how much total water can be added to the reef in a single session protects your livestock from dangerous salinity swings.

8" x 12" x 20" holds 8-gallons. Access lid with hinges, drilled for 1/4" tubing. Made with 1/4" material.

Custom size requests - email me

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