What does RTN look like?

Some ask "What is RTN?" It is an acronym for Rapid Tissue Neucrosis, which means the tissue is dying fast. Ever heard of 'flesh eating disease' on shows like ER? It has to be cut off quickly before it gets into your entire body. Acropora suffer from RTN, and it just happens seemingly for no reason whatsoever.

Distichopora coral

by Brad Ward

How often have you seen a spectacular colored specimen at a store. I mean, one that knocked your eyes out! Only to find out that it was considered a "Hard to Keep" coral that was shipped in by accident or through mis-identification. Or even worse, bought one of these corals and had it slowly diminish in health and melt away before your eyes. I used to have this happen to me with fish when I started keeping Marine aquariums, and quickly came to the realization that it was better find out as much as I could about that fish before making a purchasing decision. This of course led me to gain knowledge about the habitat, and food source of these individual fish. This in turn made me a much more successful hobbyist, and made me realize that there is always something new to learn. When I started keeping Reef Tanks, I almost had to start all over again, and this time the learning curve has been even steeper! Anyways, I would like to say that what we think of as hard to keep specimens might not be that hard to keep. But rather, that it’s hard to duplicate the habitat where they thrive and grow, the ocean. With that in mind, I would like to discuss one of these corals, and try to delve into what you might do to keep them alive and growing in your systems.

Suncoral Care (Tubastrea sp.)

I'd seen pictures of Sun Corals in forum discussions many times, but always thought they were too picky to be a good coral to keep in my own aquariums. I'd heard how important it was that every single polyp was carefully fed food daily or at least every other day. People came up with feeding domes and syringes with tubing to target feed it. All in all, it seemed like a lot of work and more than I was interested in performing.

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