How to silicone baffles in a glass aquarium

A video is coming in Spring 2015, but for the time being here are the guidelines:

I sell acrylic baffles cut to fit your aquarium via my shop:  Once arrived, this is how to install them.

If you mimic the layout of the Model F on my site, you will be creating three zones.  The layout is Skimmer zone on the left, Refugium zone on the right, Return zone in the middle. 

Shipping a sump

People ask if I'll build and ship a sump to their location, and I always forewarn them that is is very expensive. Here's why.

You've got this large acrylic vessel that has to get from Point A (Ft. Worth, Texas) to Point B (somewhere else in the U.S.)...

Make a Sump using a 20g Long

Do It Yourself sump using glass or acrylic baffles: Building your own sump using a glass tank isn't hard, nor does it have to be expensive.

Many hobbyists choose to use a glass aquarium, and then insert 1/4" (glass or acrylic) baffles, bonding these into place.

Below is merely an example. You may tailor the design to your particular needs and space.

Installing the Model F Sump

Sump that has to be shipped:

All sumps are shipped with insurance to protect both you and me.  They are carefully packed with 4" of padding on all six sides, including beams to keep it centered at all times.

Constructing an acrylic sump

To build a sump yourself, you'll need the proper tools and a flat work surface. Be sure to check out my tools page: , so gather up some of these items and read over the pages here on Melev's Reef. I share quite a bit of information to help you decide if this is something you'd like to do yourself...

Simple Sump Assembly

If you want to try your hand at building your own sump, I'd recommend doing something small at first. Take your time and do a good job so the floors stay dry. If you opt to build something big, make sure you know what thickness of material you need to use before you start construction.  Here's a simple sump based on the Model A that I used under my 29g reef years ago.

Installing a Sump in an Existing Setup

Quite often, I receive email about how to install a new sump in an existing setup with a tank full of water and livestock. So this page has been created to document the process and to give you some ideas to consider. Here's the tank in question, a 79g reef tank on a stand that is 48" long and 17" wide.

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