Sump Baffles for DIY

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Baffle kit for 20g Long
Baffle kit for 20g LongBaffle kit for 20g LongRounded edges (removable blue film still applied in this picture)Rounded edges (removable blue film still applied in this picture)Rounded tops of teeth (removable blue film still applied in this picture)Baffle kit for 29g

Baffles ready to silicone in a glass aquarium for a DIY sump, cut to size and flame polished with new rounded upper edge.

1/4" acrylic material.  Three 9" tall baffles for skimmer section, one 13" baffle with teeth for the refugium.

Order the correct baffle size for your aquarium, priced accordingly:

Aqueon 20g Long: ~11 5/8" wide* (baffles are 7" tall due to shortness of aquarium) $35
Aqueon 29g & 55g:  ~11.5" wide*  $55
Aqueon 40g Breeder: ~17 5/8" wide* $65
Special orders - email me for custom sizes

*Please verify by measuring the internal width of your aquarium to assure the baffles will fit. See below.

Purchase AQUARIUM SAFE silicone from your local fish store, or Home Depot carries this brand: Click for image

When ordering PLEASE READ AND ADD A NOTE DURING CHECKOUT: Please take a precise inside width measurement of your actual aquarium so I can cut these to the proper size. I've encountered some variance from tank to tank and don't want you have to have any issues during installation. The best way is to take a tape measure and determine the distance from the inner wall to a midpoint in the tank, applying a piece of masking tape or marking that spot with a sharpie. Then measure the opposite half, combine the numbers for a total inner width. Measure twice to double check your work.  This page lists the common widths, but the baffles need to be a little less than the inner width.  If the baffles are wedged in and are too tight, it could crack the tank.  Enter the inner width in the comment field when you place your order and I'll make cut them accordingly, 1/8" less than YOUR MEASUREMENT.


A video showing installation is in the works, but for now here are the written installation instructions:

Price: $35.00

Select aquarium type to order correct baffle width.