Video: BTS at the Birch Aquarium

A few days later than it should have been, but I hope it was worth the wait. Last week I was slammed with things to do, and had no time to edit the weekly video, but I'm going to blame the zombies. This video focuses behind the scenes at the Birch Aquarium, showcasing the offlimits sections and some of their breeding efforts. 

Video: Jennifer Nies of New Wave Aquaria

One of the prettiest shops I've walked into is owned by Jennifer Nies, and her story is quite unique (tank maintenance for pizza money?!)... Looking at her, you'd never believe she's been at this for 20 years. Smart, business-minded, and her store's expanding already, she's definitely one to watch. Looking forward to Margarita Sundays lol Store address:

New Wave Aquaria
14100 23rd Ave N, 
Plymouth, MN 55447
(763) 710-9386

Video: Alkalinity Monitor

This interview was done at MACNA last weekend. Jim Welsh's newly built invention is the Alkalinity Monitor. It will measure tank water as frequently as you desire, and that data can be acted upon by your controller. It could send you texts & emails if the reading is out of range, and you can see what the latest measurement is just by glancing at the display on the device, or by computer or smartphone. It could trigger or stop a doser if needed. He explains it quite well, and I gotta say I'm really impressed.

Unexpected puddle

Earlier today, the SmartATO began beeping while I was working at my desk.  Thinking nothing of it, I ignored it for about 4 minutes while I wrapped up what i was doing. When I went over to unplug it, I saw a small flood in the fishroom and grabbed my camera.  The cause of this was by a quick-disconnect I shorted out a week ago, and hadn't fixed yet. I tried to fix it, got frustrated and blew it off.  You know what happens when you leave something unfixed on a reef, right?  Well...

Melev's Reef Mugs Now Available

It's those little things that make life more enjoyable right? Here's something new I'm very proud of, a good looking coffee mug with my favorite website emblazoned on both sides.  No matter how you hold it, you'll show your friends which website you turn to for knowledge and purchases. You can order mugs here: http://melevsreef.com/product/a-great-mug