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Melev's Reef Mugs Now Available

It's those little things that make life more enjoyable right? Here's something new I'm very proud of, a good looking coffee mug with my favorite website emblazoned on both sides.  No matter how you hold it, you'll show your friends which website you turn to for knowledge and purchases. You can order mugs here: http://melevsreef.com/product/a-great-mug

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Rinsing out used aquarium sand

Rinsing out used sand saves money, and you can safely put that clean sand in your next tank without concern. It's a good project to tackle in the warmer months, best done outdoors. Easy, sort of.  

More reading here: http://www.reefaddicts.com/entry.php/28952-Rinsing-used-sand-for-the-new-setup

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Back from San Diego

Annually I meet up with my marketing director at Creative Soup in San Diego, Ca.  While there, we enjoyed Comic Con, got some new branding art designed in time for MACNA, and ordered some new mugs for the shop as well as the booth at MACNA.

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LFS Bus Tour 2016 - DFWMAS

For the third year in a row, or is it the fourth perhaps, DFWMAS hosted another LFS Bus Tour. I did a video about the tour last year, so this year's video is more about things that were intesting to me rather than documenting what has been seen before on my channel.

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Touring ORA in Florida

Getting to tour ORA (Oceans, Reefs & Aquariums) was a real treat, but I've been requesting a visit for years.  Finally earlier this year, they agreed to allow this one-time walk-through, and told me what I'd be permitted to film and share on Youtube. Hope you like this very special peak into their operations in Fort Pierce, Florida.

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It's Friday Night!

While most would get excited to go out on a Friday night, I instead stayed in and tinkered with my reefs. Reefkeeping needs attentiveness, and tonight was one of those nights where I needed to address specific needs, or lose corals.  

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Goby & Pistol Shrimp pairing

I got this paired up team at our club's last meeting. And they have stayed under the Acan colony in the 60g Anemone Cube. I took a few macro shots...

The shrimp is nearly blind, so the goby plays lookout. His tailfin touches the shrimp at all time, and with a single flick the shrimp retreats instantly, the fish quick to join in. It's a symbiotic relationship.

This is a Hi Fin Red Banded Goby.

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Necessary shade

For many years, I've used foam sheets from Hobby Lobby (most hobby craft stores have these) to keep the refugium light off the rest of my gear. People often think they need colored or black acrylic in their sumps to avoid algae growth in other compartments and within their skimmer / reactors. However, that's really not the case. While we can see light in the other zones, what happens initially is the light bounces off the acrylic baffle and goes back into the refugium zone. 

And as the macro algae grows and fills the zone, even that is obscured.

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Magnetic stirrer for water tests

A few weeks ago, I saw something really neat and contacted that person for more information. If possible I hope to sell these from my shop, but for now let me showcase what he sent me as a gift. It's impressive!

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When visiting the LFS...

Today's club event took place at Saltwater Paradise. I made the trip across town not only to attend, but to do a PAR meter demonstration using the brand new Apogee meter for everyone in attendance.  This meter is the latest model, designed to measure LED lighting as well as metal halides and T5 bulbs.  MQ-500 PAR meter