Autofeeder for rimless tanks

Years ago, I came up with an acrylic bracket to keep food in the display tank instead of letting it float across the surface and into the overflow (thus down into the sump, wasted and uneaten).  I called it the Eheim Chimney, as it was made to fit the Eheim Autofeeder system.  Turns out it fits the Apex AFS just as nicely.  I usually suggest the person simply put it on top of the overflow box since that's a great place where it won't be knocked off into the tank.  If the overflow box doesn't have a lid, I can make that as well.

Skimmer Swabbie operational once more

Some time in early 2016, maybe March or April, the Swabbie motor stopped rotating. I ordered a new motor from Avast Marine, and it arrived within a few days. I never tackled that repair primarily because there's no space in the ABS section and I thought my tank sitter Bobby could do it more easily than I could. He loves this stuff, fixing broken things.  

What's in the box? A brand new work surface!

I ran up to Home Depot today to get some new router bits, and as I was walking down the main aisle I spotted this awesome adjustable-height workbench.  The table's surface is completely smooth, unlike many I've inspected.  I need one that is 100% flat for my acrylic work, and the fact that this one could be raised up nice and high was even better. 

Gotta love a good power bill

In early 2016, it was time to renew my annual contract with the electric company. We have deregulation in Texas, so while everyone gets power from Oncor, we can pick which company sends us the bill each month. Strange I know, but for the past few years I've been skipping from one name to the next to always get the best deal I can.  So far, it's worked out without a hitch. If there is a power problem, you call to report it to Oncor, and they fix it.  The billing company just bills you for what you use, and doesn't provide any other service.

A new refugium bulb?

During a recent trip to Home Depot, I looked through the LED bulbs seeking a new refugium bulb to use on the frag system's fuge. I found this one rated 5000 Kelvin, and the shape of the bulb looks promising. The bulb cost $14 and uses 8 watts. 

When I was a boy

I had a 20g Long as my first aquarium when I was 11 years old.  Back then, the rule was 1" of fish per gallon, and I didn't like that rule.  So instead of worrying about any fish, I decided to make it an invertebrate tank. There was no limit to how many you could add, which was awesome.  I remember getting: