Video: How to dose Phosphate Rx

I've been using Phosphate Rx for a decade, and it's my preferred product to keep PO4 levels under control. No GFO for me. I've mentioned it many times, but decided "I guess I need to do a video about this product after all." I do realize I could have explained the process in about sixty seconds because it's that simple, but I wanted this to be a fun video. Hope you liked the flashback. 

Purchase Phosphate Rx here: http://melevsreef.com/product/phosphate-rx

Video: Installing XHO lighting over my reef

I replaced the VHO Super Actinics over my reef at last: These are XHO LEDs from ReefBrite, and do they ever deliver. The former bulbs were installed high above my tank, and my concern was "could XHOs provide enough light from that same installed spot?" I'm happy to say yes, and then some. Some corals down the sandbed have begun to get their former color back, something I didn't think was ever going to happen.

Website outages may occur

Just a heads up to everyone, there's a lot going on. I had expected to get the newer version of the website done by now, but this project below took up all my time for the past couple of weeks. Melev's Reef may be down briefly over the next week as some technical stuff is being handled behind the scenes.  

This is Minion, my new CNC router setup. The installation has been quite a process but it is nearing completion and should be running soon.

Autofeeder for rimless tanks

Years ago, I came up with an acrylic bracket to keep food in the display tank instead of letting it float across the surface and into the overflow (thus down into the sump, wasted and uneaten).  I called it the Eheim Chimney, as it was made to fit the Eheim Autofeeder system.  Turns out it fits the Apex AFS just as nicely.  I usually suggest the person simply put it on top of the overflow box since that's a great place where it won't be knocked off into the tank.  If the overflow box doesn't have a lid, I can make that as well.

Skimmer Swabbie operational once more

Some time in early 2016, maybe March or April, the Swabbie motor stopped rotating. I ordered a new motor from Avast Marine, and it arrived within a few days. I never tackled that repair primarily because there's no space in the ABS section and I thought my tank sitter Bobby could do it more easily than I could. He loves this stuff, fixing broken things.