Out with the old...

Last Saturday, Melev's Reef had a viewing party.  Locals were invited to watch the transformation of the 400g which was desparately in need of a major clean-out.  Corals had grown into massive colonies, completely shading whatever was beneath. Flow was obstructed, and the prettiest view was really only from above. Daily I saw the dead supporting skeleton holding up the living section above, and it was hard to 'like' my reef in that condition.

The frag system update

The frag system has been less fun that I'd hoped.  Water quality has been an issue because it's just not as stable as I like. While skimming is hands-free as well as top off, dosing three part to the tank is an unpleasant task for me. I'm spoiled by my calcium reactor on the big reef, and would probably love one on this smaller tank. Mixing up the solutions, replenishing the reservoirs as they run out, making sure the parameters are on target or adjusting the dosing pumps to compensate for preferred numbers... not a fan.

An Acrylic Power Panel to hide all those messy wires

This week's video is about a power panel I've been wanting to build for my frag system. All the gear that was on the floor is now finally up on the wall in a nice tidy panel, which looks nice and is easily accessible for me. There's no cover for this project because I didn't want one -- I like to just reach over and press a button or unplug something easily.

Extra details here: http://www.melevsreef.com/blog/well-worth-the-wait

Skunks ascending

Most of the time, the skunk clownfish remain in the tentacles of the Sebae anemone.  Some have migrated to some nearby Duncans and are seen swimming through the green hammers, but the Sebae is their home. When I feed, the harem tends to swim out into the open to get their share.  But today I saw something different: They were swimming upwards into the open water column in a group, which was rather appealing to observe. I tried to get a few pictures.  These will will have to suffice.

Had to make room for a new smiling guest

Last Saturday, the DFWMAS Frag Swap took place. I spent a few hours there selling various products from Melev's Reef since I'm a club sponsor.  And to my left was another club member, who had this adorable puffer for sale.  All day long, everyone gazed into the bucket and stared into its irridecent eyes, but when the event concluded, this Porcupine Puffer came home with me. 

An exciting development (pun!)

While I was talking to a friend on the phone today, I was gazing at my aquarium and when I spotted this surprising activity, I had to quickly change topics to share my excitement.  The Anemone Cube has been running for 3.5 years, and it was my hope that my clownfish would start laying eggs.  However, after a while one perished and I was left with only one, a bright orange ocellaris. It grew larger but was lonely. About 18 months ago, I added 16 more clownfish from a local breeder, so that family of tiny clowns were hopefully going to be accepted by 'her' and all would be well.

3.5 years later

Today marks 3.5 years since the 400g went up for the second time.  November 10th, 2013 was the day all the livestock was moved from the temporary 215g tank into the 400g and the 60g anemone cube. This would be Day 1278.

Reef Maintenance done, again

This past weekend, I seized (cough - forced myself - cough) the opportunity to do some necessary maintenance.  This blog will be a tad lengthy because while it may appear like my reef is run by magic, it's actually the effort I apply that makes it look its best.  Let me break it down now.