Sep 2015

2015 MACNA Overview in D.C.

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Instead of a write up with pictures, this year I opted to shoot video. It was a fun event, and I ran into a lot of friends as well as a bunch of happy hobbyists bursting with excitement.


Aug 2015

Making my Durso Standpipe even quieter

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Last week's video was mostly about how I made it quieter, despite the lid that sits on top of the overflow.  There were a few helpful tips included, which is easy to do when you stand around my tanks and look at the little things I do to make things work better.


Aug 2015

A sneaky alkalinity swing

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I recently had an alkalinity swing creep up on my reef.  Normally I like to keep the tank around 8 dKH, and yesterday I noticed the duncans in my frag tank (part of the same system) were closed up.


Aug 2015

Day 669 - 22 months update

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The reef continues to do well. I mentioned on the first what I'd done for the reef. I treated the tank with Phosphate Rx to knock down PO4, and have pretty much only kept up with wiping the glass down every couple of days.


Aug 2015

August Update

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Over the last couple of months, I've been busy with work and physical therapy to strengthen muscles in my back that are meant to work with my neck.


Jun 2015

More buttons

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This month's club meeting included a visit from Dave Botwin who did a really nice presentation about how to use inexpensive parts to make your Apex controller more handy.


Jun 2015

A first time visitor

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Tonight a club member and customer of mine brought over a new hobbyist to pick up a RO/DI system.  When he came to my door, he exclaimed "It's the guy from YouTube!" as I invited him inside.


May 2015

Hope you found that helpful

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I appreciate you contacting me and hope you found the answers useful. Below is a donate button so you can give whatever you feel is appropriate for the time and knowledge involved.


Mar 2015

Happy fish

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I just got back from a trip to California and was happy to see my reef alive and thriving.  Here's a quick video of some of the fish and corals from today.