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Day 56

The 400g has been running with livestock for almost two months now.  I need to do better about updating this blog section (I've been blogging about my tank on Reef Addicts since 2010), so I'll endeavor to get those updates made here as well. Here are a few pictures taken today.

This A. millepora was purchased last month.  It's not very hairy during the daytime although I haven't seen any fish bothering it.

June Pictures

Still awaiting the replacement tank to arrive, but that doesn't mean the livestock is on hold.  It continues to grow and thrive, and here are some pictures taken this month.


A few frag tank pictures from April

As time goes by, corals grow in.  Even in a frag tank.  My little frag tank holds some special pieces for me, obtained by local hobbyists as well as local events.  I've been waiting for the new 400g to arrive, and the corals are crowding each other in anticipation. This tank was built by me, and holds 10g of water.  It is tied into the main filtration of my reef, and is lit with a Evolution LED fixture from Reefkoi. These pictures were taken under only white LEDs, with the blues turned off.


Acropora sp. from Sea World San Antonio


Teardrop Maxima


Montipora vericosa from Sea World

Making water time

It's time to refill the 265g poly tank. Using two boosted RO/DI systems makes this task faster even in the colder months of the year. After replacing the DI cartridge, I started the units at 2 a.m. and by 8 p.m. it was full. 18 hours produced about 240g of RO/DI ... All I need to do now is add six bags of Sybon reef salt and let it circulate.


Next Wave 2013 - from a vendor's POV

For the past few years, I've been evolving from a hobbyist to a vendor in this industry. It's a tough transition for a few reasons, but at my heart I continue to be a hobbyist to the core. At our club's annual one-day conference, I set up a booth as a vendor. In addition, I'm still actively involved in the planning stages, helping make sure that our club runs it successfully. Similar to what we did to plan for MACNA last fall, we have to think about the vendor hall layout, do all we can to promote the event to get as many attendees in the venue, make sure the speakers are taken care of, arrange for food, and so forth. I wrote an article years ago about planning a large event. 

Marineland's Customer Service

Everyone has been asking me about the newly repaired tank, if it has been set up, when am I going to reveal the latest aquascaping, etc. The tank is empty, just as it arrived.

PADI Open Water Diver Certified at last

For the last few years, I've wanted to get SCUBA certified.  I never had the time to do so, but that didn't stop me from planning for it, and that is why a diver is part of Melev's Reef. Often asked if the diver on my business card is me, I replied that it was my goal, a constant reminder of what I wanted to do some day. For the past 30 days, I've been working hard to get this accomplished, and I'm happy to report that as of yesterday I'm now fully certified for open water.  I took the full PADI course, which included five pool dives and four lake dives, and about 30 hours of class & homework.

I documented each step of the process on Reef Addicts, so these are the links for the specific stages:

Buying Equipment:

Rock Bowl from DFW MACNA

Prior to MACNA, I had the opportunity to ask the guys at Real Reef to create a Rock Bowl for my tank.  I've wanted something like that to grow mangroves near the top of the rockwork, where they would be able to grow up toward the metal halides high above the water.  From the side, the rock needed to look natural, but within it needed to hold sand for the mangrove root system.  I believe others might like something similar, and such a bowl could be useful for wrasse owners that maintain barebottom tanks.

At the conference, I was told my bowl survived the trip and the second one shattered.  So this is officially a one-of-a-kind rock bowl.  When the 400g is set up anew, I'll incorporate this piece into the aquascaping.  It's somewhat tough to appreciate the texture in 2-dimensional pictures.

Melev's Reef at DFW MACNA

September 28-30, 2012: MACNA came to Texas this year and not only was my club the host, but I was part of the planning committee. Lots of work was required to pull off the show, and in the end it was stellar. Here are a few pictures pertaining to my company.

The first picture is of a 40g breeder that I drilled, installed a corner overflow, bulkheads and plumbing. It stands on a powdercoated EZtube frame with light hanger, and a custom sump was built to fit like a glove. I used this to let people try out the Top Down Photo Boxes I sell, and the setup went into the raffle.

The next picture showed how RO/DI water was produced for livestock vendors all weekend. 

Gearing up for Macna

Build acrylic wares, ordering all sorts of stuff for the new shop page, getting the booth together for a nice representation at the show. Busy busy non-stop busy! Tank sitter coming over tonight to go over the little details to watch for.

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