Mar 2016

Macros - some frags

By: melev | Tags: frags, duane

The new frag system has captured my attention recently. Watching the clean up crew decimate the algae in one day flat was impressive, and the corals pop against the stark barren rock and black background.


Jan 2016

The new frag tank is running!

By: melev | Tags: frag system, vectra m1, durso

After about a year of saying I needed to do this, it's finally operational. The stand, tank, sump, ATO reservoir, doser container are all built (by me). Plumbing was accomplished and the new Vectra M1 pump is circulating the system. Here are some pictures, less than a day after water was added.


Dec 2015

Christmas time

By: emasis | Tags: fts

Three pictures from today of what my reef looked like. No reef-related gifts this year for me, other than some scuba-related ornaments for the tree.


Nov 2015

STN event spotted

By: melev | Tags:

I noticed three areas in reef today with white skeleton showing, which seemingly came out of the blue. Not sure why so I did a full set of tests to see what may have changed. Nothing major cropped up but these are my findings.