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The Model F sump page has been updated with newer images of a recently built sump using 3/8" acrylic. You can also see the bubble tower incorporated in all sumps now.

Last weekend I went on a collection trip to Port Aransas and brought home a bunch of peppermint shrimp and nerite snails. It was pretty neat to get them 'for free' - if you can ignore travel expenses, mosquito bites, and drive time. ;) Here are the pages.

A water leak scare, and too many fish for Spock!

Today, I was in the garage and found water where it should not be. I thought maybe it was from the window a/c unit, but that wasn't it. So I kind of hoped my water heater needed replacing (rusted out), but that wasn't it. Next I went in the fishroom and saw a decent puddle in the very spot where I put the new waterproofed wiring conduit.

I <3 my mandarin

My female red Mandarin came out today briefly. :) She's fat and happy.

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