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Christmas time

Santa on a Seahorse

Three pictures from today of what my reef looked like. No reef-related gifts this year for me, other than some scuba-related ornaments for the tree.

Well that was fun... not

So I updated the website to the latest software, following the instructions to a T.  And it broke the site.  I should have saved a screenshot. 


The entire site had to be rolled back 24 hours to get it back to where it was.  Then the process was done all over again, skipping a required step that does nothing but cause chaos!  Not gonna happen. The good news is everything is updated and the site is good to go. Innocent

MACNA 2012 - coming to DFW, Tx

The biggest news of the year is that my club is hosting MACNA in 2012.  A group of us attended Des Moines MACNA last weekend to promote our event, and GIRS (the Greater Iowa Reef Society) were excellent hosts.  This is the video we shared.


The banner is up on Melev's Reef & Reef Addicts, both proud sponsors of DFWMACNA. The official site is for all the latest information. If you are a facebook user, be sure to "like" this page:

Day 120: Four months old

My reef is now four months old, and everything is growing steadily.

Here's the entry that goes into more detail and has a bunch more images included:

Day 30: The 400g Starphire Reef

The 400g reef has been up for 30 days. Water quality looks excellent. The fish are happy in their new home, swimming out in the open the way I hoped they would, contrary to their previous home filled with corals. I added over 20 new frags to the tank, including a couple of pieces I picked up at Next Wave last week. 

The 280g reef is no more

Seven days ago, I discovered my carpet was wet where you enter my home. Immediately I checked the angled tank and the plumbing in the closet. Everything was dry. Feeling the carpet as I backed up, I discovered that it was wet all the way back to my reef tank. I opened the left wooden column of the woodwork only to see soaked wood and my tank dripping from the upper left corner. I thought I'd try to save it.

Reef Addicts gets purchased by Reef Central

Much to my delight, I'm happy to say that my new website got some serious love. You can read all about it here:

That didn't take long! Welcome to the new site.

The matching podcast went up today, which is available on iTunes.

Reef Addicts Central Podcast

Time for that huge upgrade.

Time to change your RO filters?

Is it time to change your RO/DI filters? I date my system each time they are changed out, to help me keep track. They should be changed every six months, so I'm actually a month late in doing so. Whoops. However, the TDS reads zero, so there's no reason to worry, right?


No power for almost two days straight

Fort Worth has been buried under a lovely blanket of snow. Probably about 6 to 8" worth over the past 48 hours, but enough to cause chaos to our city because we are simply not used to getting more than 1" of snow each year. With all the beauty of it around us, power has gone out to 33,000 yesterday and as of today, 206,000! Myself included.

So I wanted to share my experience so far, which I compiled on Reef Addicts as an article. Check it out:

Win a $500 controller on Reef Addicts!

Shameless plug for my new site Reef Addicts. :)

Reef Addicts has a contest and you can win a Reefkeeper Elite Net controller with all the associated components.

If you've not checked out my new site yet, here's the link:

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