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Nyos Quantum 300 Skimmer Review (video)

After months of use, regular cleanings, minor adjustments and a full breakdown twice, I'm releasing my product review of the Nyos Quantum 300 protein skimmer.  I love the look of it, but what pleases me most is how quiet it is.  It's dead silent.  Here's the full video, including breakdown.


And spoiler alert, I got another one for the frag system.  This is the Quantum 120.

2.5 years later

Today is the 2.5 year anniversary of the 400g reef 2.0, which is when all the livestock was re-added to the new 400g reef aquarium.  Originally I'd set up my reef in 2011, but after a leak occurred all livestock was moved out while the tank was replaced, and exactly 2.5 years ago I restarted again. Over time, everything has been growing, which you've been tracking via my blogs or youtube videos. 

Ocean-related in-home art

I met a local artist at Dallas Comic Con events two years ago, and discovered she used to be in the saltwater hobby herself. Lhars Ebersold does some beautiful work, some of which I've shared from her Instagram account from time to time. This is her when she's not at a con

Captive Bred Yellow Tangs

In December, huge news was shared about how the Oceanic Institute at Hawaii Pacific University announced that they were finally able to state they had succesfully bred Yellow Tangs from eggs.  This hurdle was seemingly insurmountable, as captive bred tangs have been attempted and failed many times.  There are many articles you can read on this topic, including in Coral Magazine (Jan/Feb 2016)

As I read the articles in that issue, I thought how cool would it be to get one for my own tank, even though I have two wild-caught Yellow tangs in my 400g already.  I wanted a tiny one for my 60g frag system to keep it algae-free.

RBTA on the move

If a bubble tip anemone moves, that can make a hobbyist nervous.  It could sting some corals, or get sucked into a pump's intake. In my anemone cube, that's nearly impossible.  Today's event was amusing because not only was the creature shifting to a potentially better spot, but the clownfish were going along for the ride. They were unwilling to accept the change, even though there are plenty of stationary bubble tips available throughout the tank.  Here are a series of pictures from this evening's meanderings. 

Copperband Butterfly & Leopard Wrasse


Last Wednesday night I bought two fish at our club meeting (Dallas North Aquarium was the venue). Once I got them home, they were acclimated to my reef's salinity which took all night. Salinity of the store water was 1.021sg while my reef is 1.026sg.

Macros - some frags

The new frag system has captured my attention recently. Watching the clean up crew decimate the algae in one day flat was impressive, and the corals pop against the stark barren rock and black background. New tanks can really recharge your motivation, as you set up new clean gear and get everything just the way you like it. 

27 months - why not do a video?

This year has moved quickly.  Already February 10th has passed, which is the 27th month since the 400g was restarted.  Seeing how I missed doing a 2-year update video due to being out of town, I figured such an update was way overdue.  This video showcases the reef from three angles, as well as the 60g, the new frag system, and why the rimless old frag tank HAS TO GO! 

The cycle is over; fish added; new video

After 21 days, the tank finally measured 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite and 5 ppm nitrate.  Good enough for me, and the Red Spot Glass Cardinalfish.  I filmed their introduction for an upcoming video, but here's a picture of them in the tank. They are eating well, which is perfect. They were ordered from Live Aquaria's Divers Den, and arrived in a well packed box.

20,000g reef video

When I visited the Long Island Aquarium, I asked Joe to do an interview with me about his 15 year old reef exhibit.  This is his full time daily job, and he explains exactly what is involved.  I hope you enjoy the entire hour, which includes behind the scenes and top down footage.