Vodka dosing

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Another trip was added to my site recently: Peppermint Shrimp Collection Trip

I've had a few emails come in asking about how the Vodka dosing is going. I've been dosing daily for six weeks as of today. The last test results I took showed Nitrate at 25ppm, and Phosphate at .25ppm - so I'm still not to the point of making these numbers drop quite yet. However, during that time period, I didn't do any water changes because I wanted to see what the vodka could do, or not do. In all that time, I would have expected both of those numbers to rise quite a bit. As of tomorrow, I'll be dosing 5ml per day for a solid week. For more reading about Vodka Dosing, refer to this article in Reefkeeping Magazine: August 2008 issue

Here's a picture of my 5 year old Ocellaris. It was tank-raised by a DFWMAS member years ago, and has been happy in my reef tanks ever since.