Treasure from MACNA

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So MACNA was awesome. I had a great time in Pittsburgh and saw many of my online friends each day. I came home with handful of goodies for my reef.

And before I left, I signed up for MACNA XX in Atlanta, GA. If you are thinking about going, now is the time to sign up while the price is still $89 for the full conference package. Go to to sign up and reserve a great hotel room for a bargain price. FYI, the price is going to go up substantially, so signing up now is your best bet. Saturday night's Gala will be at the Georgia Aquarium, which is just a few minutes' walk from the hotel in downtown Atlanta.

I'll be adding a huge MACNA update to my site with hundreds of pictures.

Regarding my tank, it looks really good. I have a nitrate issue that I'm dealing with, but I'm using a product called AZNO3 to bring them down gradually. Hopefully it will work as promised and my livestock won't be adversely affected.

Regarding Reefcast, which comes up often by various listeners craving new episodes, I spoke with Evan today. I can't control when the episodes come out since we work on them together, but I do hope that the one we recorded in August will be released very soon. Evan's had a lot on his plate lately, and put the podcast on hold for the duration. He cares, but puts his family and life ahead of that particular hobby.