Nitrates be gone!

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A new page has been created to answer some questions I get about RO/DI systems pretty often. Such as - do I ship to Canada? or how to pay without using Paypal.

Ordering Questions

Nitrates - I've been tapering off the use of AZNO3 as my nitrates have come down from 60ppm to 2ppm. Some corals were starting to look unhappy and my gut told me it was time. I should be done dosing in the next 5 days. It took about 5 bottles of this product and 60 days to bring the numbers down safely, and my reef didn't seem to mind the treatment.

Temperature - This time of year, I like to open the doors and windows to bring in fresh air. However, our weather still is near 80F or higher, and my tank has been running a bit higher because of it. It is a real juggling act knowing when to open & close doors, when to turn on & off the IceCap fans, etc. Ah, the things we do for this hobby. LOL

After four hours of editing, the Hidden Treasure page has been updated with a slightly cleaner look. If you don't see a difference, hold down Shift on your keyboard and click on Refresh.