MACNA, here I come!

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I'm off to MACNA XIX in Pittsburgh, PA! Hopefully my reef will be okay while I'm away. :)

The most recent addition to my site has been the new pages about the Austin Tank Tour I enjoyed on September 1. I've got many of the pictures posted, but have 3 more tank's worth of pictures to edit and add. If you can't wait and have to see what's available now, here's the link:

Austin Tank Tour

I've gotten some emails asking about how the Logo Contest concluded, and which logo was my final choice. It was very tough, and I gave it a lot of thought. My choice is this one, shown on two different backgrounds:

As I work out the final version with the artist, you'll begin to see the logo appear on my site and in the corner of my images. I want to thank every person that entered the contest, and made my choice so difficult. There were several I really liked, but I had to choose only one.

Here is a recent full tank shot. I cleaned out some clutter, sold off a few corals, and added new sand where it was lacking. Click for larger version.