DIY dentrifier; VorTech upgrade

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After coming across this thread about a DIY denitrifier, I ordered the goods to build one myself.

Here are three pictures of my setup. First, the main three cartridges.

What I did was run about 25' of red tubing before the denitrification system. The first cartridge is some sulfur-based media I got from a friend, and if the bag was what it came in, it is made by Sera.

Next it flows into a refillable DI cartridge filled with ARM. I removed the felt screen at the base, but there is a thick 1" foam block at the base, as well as whatever is at the top of cartridge (some type of white thick stuff). The next refillable cartridge is filled with carbon, with the felt removed at the base.

I tried using a MaxiJet 400, but it just didn't have enough power to push water into the system, so I pulled out an old Maxijet 1200. While digging through my stuff, I found some soft rubber tubing with a funny rubber connection at each end. On the Maxijet end, I inserted a 1/2" piece of flexible tubing (1" long) over the outlet, and then inserted the rubber connection. It fit snugly. The other end I inserted some RO/DI tubing as far as I could.

To avoid any detritus being pumped into the denitrifier, I took the Maxijet and stuck it inside a filter sock. I figured that would be the best way to keep the water pure going into the unit and avoid clogging the media. The sock has quite a bit of surface area, so I'm hoping I'll only need to clean it every few weeks. I have two socks, so I can swap them.

The blue tubing in front of the sock is the output, which I have set to one drip a second. After letting it run for about 2 hours, I took a small water sample (that took about 15 minutes to collect those drips) and tested pH. It was 9.36 (pinpoint meter). Nitrate was under 10ppm coming out, and my system is around 35ppm a couple of days ago.

I do realize it will take a week or so for this to settle in, but I just wanted to post my experience thus far.


I also mounted two of the VorTech Wireless Drivers on my stand finally, as well as the Battery Backup on the wall.

I got a small piece of acrylic that has mirror backing, and mounted that to the wall so I can see the Vortechs as I walk into the fishroom. I check them all the time to make sure they have power, and they always do, but now that they are a little out of sight, I'd like to make sure I don't overlook them accidentally.


A new coral (Acropora sp.) is in my quarantine tank, and will get the Interceptor treatment overnight. I'll post pictures of it soon.