Day 669 - 22 months update

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Day 669 - 22 months update

The reef continues to do well. I mentioned on the first what I'd done for the reef. I treated the tank with Phosphate Rx to knock down PO4, and have pretty much only kept up with wiping the glass down every couple of days. The CO2 tank ran dry so last Friday I refilled it at the liquor store, which maintains the lower pH in the calcium reactor around the clock. I'm keeping that level at 7.0 to dissolve the media gradually. 

Here are a few pictures. Note the clarity of the water is better that previous images because I ran fresh GAC in a Nextreef reactor. The glass is a little dirty with algae sheen, visible in this first picture.


The anemones and clowns seem to be doing quite well.


Both tanks, viewed from the living room.