August Update

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August Update

Over the last couple of months, I've been busy with work and physical therapy to strengthen muscles in my back that are meant to work with my neck. The surgery corrected one area, but lots of exercises and frequent walks are helping improve and loosen up my neck and upper back muscles. I'm constantly having to remind myself about my posture, most importantly at my computer. (Don't slouch, you'll regret it later!)

My reef is on auto-pilot and I don't do much in it. Maybe once a week I'll reach in to move a coral or two to create space and stop chemical conflict. Everything is nice and colorful. During my recovery, the majanos returned with a vengeance and I ignored them as much as I could, but last week I decided to address the situation. All the ones I could hit with the laser were zapped. And the rest were smothered in Aiptasia-X. It works beautifully. 

I clean the glass every few days. About four days ago all the Vortech wetsides were cleaned. Last night I decided it was time to get a water change done. While I was at it, I finally replaced the carbon, cleaned the skimmer and waste collector, pulled out the calcium reactor for a good cleaning and refilled it to the top with media. The ATO reservoir refilled while I slept last night. Today, the reef already looks more sparkling and it's only currently lit with VHO actinics. 

August 10th, the reef will be 20 months old. Here is a picture I just took of both tanks.