3.5 years later

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3.5 years later

Today marks 3.5 years since the 400g reef and Anemone cube were started, the day the livestock was added to both tanks.  Everything is looking pretty good these days, albight overgrown. I've mentioned it a few times, I'm going to have to force myself to cut up some corals and create some empty space because the colonies are so huge now that they shade everything beneath... and those things die due to lack of light.

The best view is from above, but how often does anyone look at their reef from a walkboard or stepladder? We want to enjoy it from the easy chair, the sofa, or standing next to it.  I see lots of empty spaces where  things used to live; those areas are dead skeleton in deep shadows.

It's still a pretty reef, but it needs some serious TLC.

The Anemone Cube is looking pretty good these days.  I need to deal with some aiptasia, but they are anemones too. ;)

Today, I picked up two itty bitty tiny Yellow Coris Wrasses today.  And both of them went through a Safety Stop bath, and are in my reef.  Super adorable, tiny as can be.  Here's one.

So that is where we are on Day 1278 of the reef.