Sump Model E

Sump Dimensions

Skimmer   4.5" x 13" x 10" = 2.5g
Return    11.5" x 13" x 10" = 6.5g
Refugium  12" x 13" x 12" = 8.1g
Total        31" x 13" x 16" = 27.9g

A member from DFWMAS requested I build a sump that would fit in his stand, and give him a
big refugium area.  The input is quite small, leaving the return area in the center of a decent size.

Accidentally, I built it .5" too wide, so another one had to be built.   Zenya from RC bought the
first one, and runs his Aqua C EV-120 in the middle zone, with the output into the smaller area.
The water returns to the center via the bubble trap, where a return pump sends it back up.

This time I added "teeth" to the refugium to help keep the
snails in that section, as well as any free floating macro algae.

Pictures of them installed will be added when available

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