280g Reef

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280g reef ran for six years

My 280g reef ran for six years.  It developed a leak in July 2010, and had to be broken down.

  • The 14 Day Project - from the idea to the setup to filling it with livestock.  Epic!
  • 150g Sump - A sump that held all my gear, as well as a section to grow out frags.
  • ATO system - A simple top off system to replenish evaporation, refilled every three days.
  • Aquacontroller II - The aquarium controller I used to cycle the lights as well as the heaters.
  • Calcium Reactor - A device used to provide the necessary alkalinity and calcium to the reef.
  • Power panel #1 - A place to plug in all those power cords, organized.
  • Power Panel #2 - An improvement over the previous set of plugs